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Project – The Royal Academy of Music – London

  • Winner 2018 RIBA National Award
  • Winner 2018 RIBA London Building of the Year Award
  • Winner 2018 RIBA London Award
  • Winner 2018 RICS London Award – Leisure & Tourism category
  • Winner 2018 NLA Award – Culture & Community category
  • Winner 2018 BCIA – Cultural & Leisure Project of the Year

Contractor – Osborne

Architect – Ian Ritchie Architects

Value – £2.275M

Duration –  42 weeks

Description of works

Main theatre consisting of curved cherry segmented vaulted ceiling, slatted cherry wall paneling with concealed doors, curved solid cherry slatted balcony with curved slatted ceiling, solid cherry flooring and stairs, cherry proscenium.

Recital Hall consisting of limed oak beamed ceiling including solid limed oak domed Oculas, limed oak slatted walls with limed oak concealed doors, concealed projector housings, concealed control room windows and limed oak floor.

Recital lobby consisting of two sided Mahogany/painted doors and windows, acoustic secondary glazed Mahogany/painted windows and doors, limed oak entrance portals and limed oak flooring.